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Best ways to solve the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] error in MS Outlook

Are you using the email management system of Microsoft Outlook? But sometimes, you’ve gotten code errors like [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa]. Don’t worry, not only you but several users are also facing this code error. That’s a reason why we craft this post. It will enable you to understand what causes the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] and show you the best ways to fix this error.

What caused the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] error

When you see the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] error means that your MS Outlook fails to function. We realize that there will be some causing the error such as:

  • You’re using multiple accounts
  • MS Outlook conflicts with other email accounts or other software
  • MS Outlook version is outdated

And more.

Now let’s take a look at the best ways to solve this problem

Top 4 ways to solve [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] error

With the reasons above, we suggest you some simple instructions to fix the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] error. We know that there will be other ways, however, these might be best ways to solve the root of the problem for you.

Solution 1: Restore it from programs and features.

The first way we think that you should do is restore it from programs and features.

  • Open the Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • Navigate to Microsoft office 365 or any application and select it
  • Tap on Edit > Select > Repair and follow the next steps on the screen.

When you get jobs done, restart Outlook and review if the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] error was fixed.

Solution 2: Reinstall MS Outlook that leads to the error

In case, the first option can’t solve the error for you, we recommend you to try to uninstall MS Outlook or the application that triggers this error and reinstall it. Follow several simple steps below:

  • Open the Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • Open Microsoft office or any application
  • Tap on edit on the top of Programs and Features > Uninstall. The next steps you follow the guides on the screen.
  • Once the process is finished, you reinstall MS Outlook

Solution 3 – Delete Duplicate Accounts

As mentioned above, copy accounts can cause the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] error. In case, you can follow these instructions:

  • In the Outlook menu, you navigate to Account settings > Messaging tab
  • Select any duplicate mail account
  • Tap on the Delete button to remove these selected accounts

After you’ve completed, please restart MS Outlook to check if the error code [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] was solved.

Solution 4.  Try to change the server port number.

Please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Account setting, then click on email from the account settings and select your email account.
  • When the email account is opened, you navigate to more settings and click to Internet Email Settings.
  • The next step, you click on Advanced Tab and change the port number (SMPT) from 465 to 587
  • Finally, tap on OK to save changes

In this way, you can solve the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] code error


Hope that the above 4 solutions will solve your problem with the [pii_email_d2004079e8eb882afcaa] code error for you. In case it’s a bit difficult for you to do it yourself, please contact the MS team to get instructions. Moreover, if you know more ways to fix this error, feel free to give us feedback. It will be useful for our readers who are dealing with errors like you.

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